Sublime Text 2

If you are wondering what application we use at 1108 Studios to code our websites, you are in the right place. We use Sublime Text 2, simple because it is very flexible, customizable and easy to use.

It has great features such as auto indent, side minimap, multiple cursors and my favorite feature find and select all. This is very useful, for example if you decide to change the one of your variables' name, you can change it all at once rather than doing it line by line.

Plugins and colour schemes

There are so many reasons why you should consider using Sublime Text 2 to develop your applications / websites. One of them is plugins. With plugins you can have features like intellisense, bracket highlighter and auto html tag closing and auto browser refresh, which means no more pressing refresh button when you make a change in your code.

Sublime Text 2 also allows you to install different colour schemes.

Different people use different themes - some like light colours, some like dark colours. You are not restrained to one or two colours.

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Sezer T. | 25-03-2014

Pixelmator 2.2.1

The Most Affordable Efficient Photo Editor

Although it's not as powerful as other photo editors like Photoshop, manipulation of images can sometimes be a lot quicker and easier with Pixelmator. It has recently included a number of vector graphic tools in its latest update, which is what made choose it over other image editors most of the time. Guess what? It doesn’t take ages to run like other image editors do(No offence Photoshop).

It has never been easier to create custom shapes, gradients, even applying effects to your images. It is just enough to drag and drop, then you are done! When I design web graphics at 1108 Studios, I choose Pixelmator as I experienced that it is easy to control, usable and quicker. Tutorials on its website are also helpful for new Pixelmator users, especially when you don’t know how to use a new feature. I am hoping that Pixelmator will add a layer locking and a full layer style feature soon so that I can say goodbye to other image editors.

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Sam E. | 23-03-2014