Our Story

1108 Studios was founded by two computing graduates in 2011 in Brighton, UK. They both have a number of years experience in the industry, and always keep up to date with the latest research and innovations: testing, evaluating and improving them, in order to help small businesses succeed in this ever-expanding world of technology. The World Wide Web is the fastest growing market for advertising businesses, and 1108 Studios use their understanding of this to create professional, efficient and competitive digital media product, aspiring to achieve exceptional client satisfaction, as well as expanding their portfolio.

Sezer T. (Co-founder)

Starting from the very early age, Sezer always loved developing applications, especially on the web. The idea of creating websites that can reach anyone around world made him rethink about the possibilities. As the Software Engineer, Sezer has mostly been involved with the back-end and software quality assurance part the business. Sezer also worked in a small software company for a year in Brighton where he gained most of experience about software companies and business world.

Sam E. (Co-founder)

As a passionate web developer, who builds and constructs websites from the ground up using HTML5, JS and CSS3, Sam puts his education in IT Programming and Games&Multimedia Environments in to practice to create cutting edge technologies. He brings his creativity, focus and enthusiasm, together with his skills in smooth, front-end development to accomplish a high level of satisfaction.